Book cover ID: Old russet brick wall with faded spray-painted colours in aqua, yellow, white, beige, and reds. Stencilled boldly in black: Nothing Without Us. (The list of editors and authors appears underneath.)
ID: CSFFA official Aurora Award nominee logo. It's a silver gradient rectangular shape with a sloping top. A bright red maple leaf is in the centre. Words: Aurora Nominee

Nothing Without Us is now a 2020 Prix Aurora Award nominee in the Best Related Work Category. Many thanks to our authors and amazing supporters!

Read reviews of Nothing Without Us! R. Graeme Cameron from Amazing Stories magazine writes… “All the remaining stories are equally impactful. I think this is an important and significant book. Certainly memorable. You won’t forget what you’ve read when you put it down. This anthology deserves an Aurora Award, in my opinion. It’s that good.” Visit our Reviews page…

Nothing Without Us is now available on Kobo (ebook and audiobook), Amazon (ebook and paperback), Apple Bookstore (ebook and audiobook), and from Presses Renaissance Press (ebook, paperback, and audiobook).

Nothing Without Us combines both realistic and speculative fiction and stars protagonists who are written “by us and for us.” From the halls of hospitals to deep into the jungle, from within the fantastical plane to far into outer space, these protagonists take us on a journey, make us think, and also prompt us to cheer them on. These are bold tales, told in our voices, which are important for everyone to experience. Edited by Cait Gordon and Kohenet Talia C. Johnson. With stories by Myriad Augustine, Carolyn Charron, Joanna Marsh, Elliott Dunstan, Jennifer Lee Rossman, Raymond Luczak, Nicole Zelniker, Dorothy Ellen Palmer, Jamieson Wolf, J. Ivanel Johnson, Tom Johnson, Tonya Liburd, Shannon Barnsley, Madonna Skaff, Maverick Smith, George Zancola, Diane Koerner, Laurie Stewart, Tasha Fierce, Nathan Caro Frechette, Emily Gillespie, and Derek Newman-Stille.

Did you know? Our anthology was part of the syllabus at a disabilities studies course at Trent University this winter semester! Derek Newman-Stille will be teaching CAST-SOCI-WMST 4551H “Gender and Disability in Canada.” Talia and Cait had the honour of speaking directly with students at Trent, about disability representation, and what it means to be a disabled creative in CanLit.