Call for Submissions—Nothing Without Us anthology

It’s here! It’s upon us! Are you excited? Well, we sure are!

Editors Cait “Pinky” Gordon and Talia “The Brain” Johnson are thrilled to announce that they are collaborating with the amazing Renaissance press for the upcoming anthology Nothing Without Us.

“And we need stories! Have words? We want ’em!”

Nothing Without Us anthology—Call for Submissions

Are you disabled, identify with disability, manage disability, or use some other way to describe how you relate to your disability or condition? If so, this call for submissions might be for you:

Not like your ableist patriarchal publishing monocultures, 
with standard narratives that narrowly define
Here at the beginnings of our anthology we exist:
two mighty women with ideas that cannot be contained.
“Keep, traditional publishers and editors, your inspiration porn,
Your stories that objectify and demean,” we cry.
“Bring us your fabulous stories,
With diverse characters.
Bring us your Deaf heroes, your disabled, your neurodiverse,
Your characters breaking free from the shackles of normativity
Those who are not refuse, but fabulous
Send these your homeless stories, tempest-tossed to us,
We lift them up and celebrate them, at the gate of our anthology.

Discover more about what we’re seeking—and not seeking—by visiting our Submission Guidelines!


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