Transcription of our Kickstarter video

We had a request for a transcription of our Kickstarter video. The video has closed captioning, but this transcription offers another way for people to enjoy what our authors and editors had to say about this project!

Cait Gordon, co-editor: Do you know any books that have main characters who are disabled and such? And I knew one!

Laurie Stewart, author: Well, there was nobody anywhere…who was like me.

Emily Gillespie, author: We don’t see ourselves represented.

Joanna Marsh, author: We grow up thinking that we can’t be heroes.

Shannon Barnsley, author: Like 20% of people have a disability and like 1% of the people on the screen do.

Elliott Dunstan, author: Often, the representations are awful.

Nathan Fréchette, publishing director and author: I’m tired of seeing myself as a serial killer.

Tasha Fierce, author: I think it’s self-evident why you would want, you know, people writing about their own experiences.

Carolyn Charron, author: It’s important that we see ourselves in fiction, and that we see other people who aren’t like ourselves.

Emily: Fiction allows people to explore empathy.

Joanna: It allows the majority to believe that we are capable of being heroes.

Laurie: And you know, the next little kid coming up can go, “Yeah, but there’s this book.”

Cait: “Nothing about us without us,” an anthem that’s often used in many marginalized circles. Nothing in this anthology will actually be done without people who identify as disabled, Deaf, neurodiverse, Spoonie, or who manage mental illness. You’re not going to represent us, we’re going to represent ourselves.

Nathan: These stories are amazing.

Cait: It physically hurt me to say no to some of them. I just sat with the eBook version and went through it, and I thought, “Oh my gosh, this is so literary!”

Elliott: It’s a muted magical realism, which is my favourite genre.

Tasha: It’s kind of zombie stuff, but as like a depressed person.

Emily: Flipping between first and second point of view.

Shannon: You really do sort of feel like a ghost.

Tonya Liburd, author: People who are homeless are the ones who fall through the cracks.

Joanna: A spirit of rebellion and individuality and anti-imperialism…I gave it an alien twist.

Carolyn: She had this vampire tenant in her basement.

Laurie: Takes place in an alternate world after the end of civilization.

Talia Johnson, co-editor: There are gender-diverse characters in a number of stories who use a variety of pronouns.

Cait: We have stories with Indigenous content. We have a really cool story that takes place in Africa. If we had to do this with any other publisher, I bet we would be just butting heads constantly along the way. Renaissance is where it’s at!

Jamieson Wolf, author: Well, Renaissance press is awesome. It’s really kinda cool to be part of a publisher who’s so diverse. We’re like a family.

Dorothy Ellen Palmer, author: It’s about equity, it’s about representation.

Jamieson: There’s nothing else like it. This anthology will be real, true, honest representation of who we are as people.


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