NWU Author Interview: Shannon Barnsley

NWU Author Interview: Shannon Barnsley

Nothing Without Us is an own-voices, multi-genre collection of short stories where the protagonists identify as disabled, Deaf, neurodiverse, Spoonie, and/or manage mental illness.

Nathan Fréchette, Publishing Director of Renaissance, interviews Shannon Barnsley, author of Search and Seizure, which will appear in the Nothing Without Us anthology this fall.

Story summary: Cassie wants answers to why she’s having seizures, only to be met with the response, “It’s all in your head.” Things take a turn for the paranormal as Cassie finds herself back in the hospital once again, but this time, no one can tell she’s really there.

Watch now! Closed captions are available for this video.

Interview with Shannon Barnsley. Closed Captions available.

Nothing Without Us is now available in audiobook, paperback, and ebook! Please visit Press Renaissance Press’ online shop to purchase your copy!

Book cover ID: Old russet brick wall with faded spray-painted colours in aqua, yellow, white, beige, and reds. Stencilled boldly in black: Nothing Without Us. (The list of editors and authors appears underneath.)
Nothing Without Us

Editors: Cait Gordon and Talia C. Johnson

With stories by: Myriad Augustine, Carolyn Charron, Joanna Marsh, Elliott Dunstan, Jennifer Lee Rossman, Raymond Luczak, Nicole Zelniker, Dorothy Ellen Palmer, Jamieson Wolf, J. Ivanel Johnson, Tom Johnson, Tonya Liburd, Shannon Barnsley, Madonna Skaff, Maverick Smith, George Zancola, Diane Koerner, Laurie Stewart, Tasha Fierce, Nathan Caro Frechette, Emily Gillespie, Derek Newman-Stille

Publisher: Renaissance

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