Nothing Without Us Too Cover Artist — April Laramey

We are so excited to have Indigenous painter and word artist April Laramey as one of the stars of Nothing Without Us Too! In 2020, we asked April if we might recommend that Renaissance hire her, so we could use a painting of hers for our book cover, and she not only agreed, but she also is customizing the work just for the anthology! April is an absolute delight to collaborate with. We very highly recommend her. (Cait also happens to be a huge fan of April’s art and owns several pieces.)

ID: A greyscale closeup of April Laramey.


April Laramey is an Indigenous, queer, disabled artist and writer who spends too much time on the internet but occasionally gets outside. Her favourite colour is green, she wants to work in a bookstore when she grows up, and when she dies, she wants her tombstone to read “To Be Continued…”

April began painting in 2017, following the sudden passing of her mother. Left to deal with a loss and armed with a starter watercolour kit from the National Gallery, April began to paint as a way to process her feelings. She now explores layers of image and text in order to examine her own layers, how society and identity have impacted her, and how she has impacted them.

April is also a sensitivity editor for Indigenous content and has edited stories in the Prix Aurora Award nominated anthology, Nothing Without Us. She has also been a contributing author for the Spoonie Authors Network. You can follow April at and on Instagram (@aprilfirstart)

Note: The submission window for Nothing Without Us Too will be open until January 31, 2022. Please read our submission guidelines carefully before sending us your stories.

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