The Editors

Two best friends who are disabled, neuro-awesome, and notoriously quirky have edited an anthology together. Learn more about the editors of Nothing Without Us!

Cait “Pinky” Gordon

Closeup of Cait. I'm a white woman with bobbed silver hair tucked behind my ear. I have a youngish face. I'm wearing a grey tee that has in old English font: "Hmmm..." Geralt of Rivia

Cait (pronounced like ‘cat’) Gordon is a queer, Crip, and autistic disability advocate who writes speculative fiction that celebrates the reality of diversity. Originally from Verdun, Québec, Cait worked for over two decades as a technical writer, then channelled her love for words into storytelling. She is the author of the humorous space adventures Life in the ’Cosm and The Stealth Lovers.

Her short stories appear in Alice Unbound Beyond Wonderland (Ed. Colleen Anderson), We Shall Be Monsters (Ed. Derek Newman-Stille), and Stargazers: Microtales from the Cosmos (Eds. Paul Jarvey and Erin MacNab). The Hilltop Gathering from We Shall Be Monsters features a disabled protagonist and was discussed at a symposium about Frankenstein at Carleton University.

When not writing her own work, Cait is a freelance manuscript editor for independent authors and for Renaissance press. Her latest assignment is as a support editor for Artificial Divide (Eds. Robert Kingett and Randy Lacey), an anthology where all of the authors are blind, have low-vision, or are visually impaired.

In 2016, Cait founded The Spoonie Authors Network to connect with writers in the disability community. Her desire to find better disabled and autistic representation in fiction prompted Cait to co-edit Nothing Without Us with Talia C. Johnson.

Cait is also a musician and singer who has been living in Ottawa with her guitarist husband, author Bruce Gordon, since 1998. She’s friendly, somewhat feisty, and really loves cake.

You can follow her on Twitter and her author website.

Kohenet Talia “The Brain” Johnson

Kohenet Talia C. Johnson is a multi-faceted woman who is transgender, autistic, Jewish, queer, and more than the sum of her parts.

Her work centres on bridging faith and queer communities, facilitating workshops, educating, speaking, writing, one-on-one coaching, counselling, and mentoring.

She is also a queer and trans sensitivity editor for writers and publishers. Some of the works she’s edited include Life and Lemonade (Jamieson Wolf); The Stealth Lovers, Life in the ‘Cosm, A Night at the Rabbit Hole (Cait Gordon); and an upcoming novel by Derek Kunsken.

Talia’s poem, Holy Love, appears in the Resilience anthology (Heartspark Press). In 2018 Talia joined the board of directors of Heartspark Press and is now acting as Chair. Talia was ordained a Kohenet, a Hebrew Priestess in August 2019, the first transgender woman in the program. She is working toward entering graduate school at the Master’s level. Her studies bridge faith, queer, and psychology using queer and feminist intersectional approaches. She lives in Toronto, Ontario.

You can follow Talia on her FacebookGoogle, and Twitter, and her website!